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About Us

Our Mission

adimize was created to empower small businesses to achieve sustainable growth through effective, intent-based advertising. By leveraging our expertise in Google Ads, we ensure that every marketing dollar spent delivers a significant return on investment.


We focus on visibility where it matters most—on Google—helping businesses attract, convert, and retain customers who are actively searching for their services. Our goal is to provide a reliable, profitable advertising strategy that allows businesses to continually reinvest and grow.

Our Purpose

Demystify Online Advertising: Educate and guide businesses through the complexities of PPC and Google Ads, making effective advertising accessible and understandable.


Drive Tangible Results: Ensure that every dollar invested in advertising produces a measurable return, enabling businesses to see real growth and profitability.


Focus on Intent-Based Marketing: Prioritize advertising strategies that reach customers actively searching for services, ensuring higher conversion rates and more efficient use of marketing budgets.


Support Sustainable Growth: Provide ongoing support and optimization to maintain successful campaigns, allowing businesses to continually reinvest profits and scale their operations.


Leverage Proven Strategies: Apply tried-and-true methods and techniques that have successfully grown our own business, sharing our playbook to help others achieve similar success.

Our purpose is to harness the power of paid advertising and achieve your goals. We are dedicated to crafting compelling ad campaigns that resonate with your target audience and drive results. Our focus is on delivering measurable outcomes and creating a distinct market presence for your business.


Our Story

When Justin first started his business in 2014, he was clueless about PPC. He was timid and downright scared. He didn't understand how it worked, where his money was going, or how he would get a return on investment. He struggled daily to get jobs and tried various marketing channels with limited results.

These were valid concerns for a young business with very limited funds. Justin remembers it like it was yesterday: he received a $250 AdWords coupon and decided to give it a shot. Booking his first job, a full truckload, was a game-changer. From that point forward, he saw the power of online advertising, specifically Google search.

To this day, 9 out of 10 online search queries are performed on Google. This is why his business dedicates 95% of their six-figure annual ad spend to Google AdWords. Justin believes if you want the chance to close more jobs and grow your business, you must be visible where people are searching most, and without a doubt, people are searching on Google.

Justin strongly believes in intent-based over distraction-based advertising. Small businesses with limited budgets cannot afford marketing techniques that show to a wide base in the hopes that someone will stop scrolling to pay attention to them. Small businesses must get in front of customers that are actively searching for their services. This will provide the biggest opportunity to attract leads, convert, and retain customers.

Marketing dollars must perform quickly, allowing business owners to reinvest profits into further marketing and business growth. That's the winning formula and one that Justin uses in his business, Grizzly Junk Pros, to this very day.


This is where Justin and his team come in. They will get your campaign on the right track, providing an ROI and enabling you to consistently generate leads throughout the year. They will also assist with creating or improving your entire sales process from when a customer first inquires, to when you sell them, to when and how to properly follow up to coax repeat and referred business. When advertising is done correctly, there is no budget limit because the dollars spent will produce a surplus of cash, ensuring you never need to stop your campaign.

By working with Justin and his team, your company will benefit from the same playbook, methods, and techniques that grew his business from one truck to eight trucks and over 100 twenty cubic yard roll-off dumpsters. Their team stays up-to-date with any changes or additions to their strategy and works with Justin's personal business, which generates around 6,000 bookings annually.

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